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Catvengers, assemble!

Catvengers by Keyyu [tumblr | redbubble]

guinness world records man:sir you have done nothing but do pushups from this one spot for 20 years with no rest. what drives you?
me, still doing pushups:i wanna push this planet out of the idiot solar system and into the horrifying abyss of the unknown universe and this is the only way I know how
world records man, in awe:[drops everything and instantly begins doing pushups next to me]


This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you. Even if school, work or general life isn’t okay, you’ll get through it because you are damn strong and amazing.

(via march-of-the-losers)


i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with

(via march-of-the-losers)

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